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How To Withdraw Your Job Application

So you thought you found that perfect job. Having gone through the application process, you’ve now been offered the position. Great news, right? Most of the time. The way life goes, though, is that sometimes things can change even after we have accepted a job offer. Perhaps you have found some more information about the

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Queenstown Leads NZ Job Growth

The latest Infometrics’ Regional Economic Profiles report has been released for 2016, and Queenstown & Central Otago have topped the list as the country’s fastest growing job and employment sector. Interestingly, this means the Queenstown & Central Otago region is growing at a rate of four times that of the New Zealand average. These findings

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Employers Post a Job in Queenstown

5 Essential Tips to Get a Job in Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand… Beautifully dramatic scenery, a lively nightlife, relaxed lifestyle and some of the best attractions in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s no wonder that many have sought out such a location. Perhaps that’s how you feel. Making the dream of living and working in Queenstown a reality can be very exciting, but at the

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